The Path of Pan de Sal: With Jenny B. Orillos

  • Nov
  • 15

Path of Pandesal

Video by Carmen del Prado

Story by Jenny B. Orillos

Panaderia Dimas-Alang has been baking traditional pan de sal since 1919–they’ve watched this humble bread evolve from its classic form to myriad versions of today; ever sweeter, but still a staple in every Filipino home.

One of the oldest surviving bakeries around, Dimas-Alang is the same but different. They’ve been practicing time-honored traditions of Pinoy breadmaking since the early 1900s, passing down wisdom like prized family recipes to the new class of bakers. Aside from the pan de sal’s familiar classic taste, smoky pugon-fresh aroma, and distinct markings, this simple bread is so much more than just everyday sustenance; it’s a heritage-rich labor of love, a product of hard work and many hands.


Panaderia Dimas-Alang

As featured in
The Food Issue
GRID Volume 07


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