The GRID Gallery presented by Chevrolet

  • Nov
  • 20

At times, we pause to ask the question:
“What does it mean to be Filipino?”

And in asking that question, we acknowledge that there isn’t only one answer. There isn’t even only one question. There are multitude of aspects in the ever-evolving Filipino identities.

On February 6 2015, we held The GRID Gallery, and answered with an exemplary photo exhibit featuring collections from three renowned photographers with different perspectives, Francisco Guerrero, Geric Cruz, and Katherine Jack, along with some choice images from the pages of GRID Magazine.

The GRID Gallery was presented by Chevrolet, accompanied by a fine art print sale, for the benefit of Cordillera Conservation Trust, an environmental organization dedicated to the preservation of the important ecosystems in the Cordillera Region.

Event photos by Deej Fabian