Tropical Summer | Laoag

  • Jun
  • 25

Tanduay Cocktail Culture:

Standing on its own, or accompanying a dish, the perfect cocktail is versatile and a welcome addition to any food trip. GRID x Tanduay: Cocktail Culture is a series following mixologist Dondz Bolante around the Philippines as he crafts cocktails inspired by the flavors of the different regions.

In the heart of Ilocos Norte lies its capital of Laoag, a vibrant city teeming with rich history and fun-filled adventure. For his next cocktail creation, mixologist Dondz Bolante pays homage to the Sunshine City of the north with a sweet and tangy cooler reminiscent of the city’s famous summer skies. Fruity flavors watermelon and pineapple come together in this light and refreshing drink, perfect after a day of driving through the dunes.

Tropical Summer

2 slices watermelon, muddled
20mL pineapple juice
20mL lime juice
20mL simple syrup
3 basil leaves
60mL Asian Rum Silver


How To Mix:

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker tin. Add ice and shake well. Strain the mixture into a glass and garnish with a slice of watermelon Best paired with empanada.

Sip and enjoy!

Director: JC Valencia
Production Designer: Trinka Gonzales
Producer: Bocs Lina
Photographer: Mike Dee
Mixologist: Dondz Bolante