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Cultural Events

The GRID Gallery presented by Chevrolet

At times, we pause to ask the question:
“What does it mean to be Filipino?”

And in asking that question, we acknowledge that there isn’t only one answer. There isn’t even only one question. There are multitude of aspects in the ever-evolving Filipino identities.

On February 6 2015, we held the GRID Gallery, and answered with an exemplary photo exhibit featuring collections from three renowned photographers with different perspectives, Francisco Guerrero, Geric Cruz, and Katherine Jack, along with some choice images from the pages of GRID Magazine.

The GRID Gallery was presented by Chevrolet, accompanied by a fine art print sale, for the benefit of Cordillera Conservation Trust, an environmental organization dedicated to the preservation of the important ecosystems in the Cordillera Region.

Event photos by Deej Fabian

Specialized Workshops: Travel Series

GRID Travel Series presented by Henry’s


The GRID Travel Series: Photography Workshop is a series of travel events hosted by the GRID team, presented by Henry’s Professional Camera.

February 19–21, 2016 in Baler Aurora, Easy Adventure

So if you are serious about your craft and you feel the need to feed your nomadic soul, go now. Invest in yourself. Join the next Grid Travel Series Workshop and be ready to be transformed from good to spectacular.
Hannah Cepe, WHENInManila

May 24–27, 2016 in La Union Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel

The GRID Travel Series Workshop did a fine job of reminding me of what I loved most about this art. It’s the stories and the patience it takes to extract them from the clutter of everyday life.
Trish Lim, Where To Next

The GRID Travel Photography Workshop is an out of town workshop open to both amateur and professional photographers. Not only will participants have shooting, editing, and peer review sessions with the GRID mentors (Francisco Guerrero, Sonny Thakur, Luis Liwanag and Miguel Nacianceno) , they will also learn to craft a photo essay, shoot on assignment, and have the opportunity to pursue their own stories during the course of the event.

This is not the first time that we have put together a gathering for photographers. It is, however, the first time that we have created a workshop series that integrates photography with travel, bringing our participants out to beautiful Baler and La Union. Each time, it has been gratifying to see so many talented people keen on discussing photography and the creative process.

For more info regarding our next workshop visit:

Photos by Carmen del Prado

Specialized Workshops: Open Call

GRID Open Call presented by Henry’s Professional Camera


The GRID Open Call is both an exclusive, one-on-one portfolio review and a photography workshop hosted by creative champions from the team behind GRID Magazine and special guest speakers.

An exclusive forum for photographers to show their work to industry insiders, get feedback, and discuss the creative process of photography.

Good travel photography doesn’t make you see the place, it makes you feel the place.
– Paco Guerrero

Awesome learning experience from GRID Magazine. It would be an absolute shame to miss!
– Fruhlein Econar

Learned a lot from GRID Magazine’s Portfolio review mentors. Really helpful for future works and portfolio iterations!
– Martin Sandiego

May 16, 2015 at SOMA, Green Sun Manila

August 8, 2015 at Brique Modern Kitchen Cebu

Corporate Branding: Globe Telecom

#‎GlobeOfGood‬: Pusod-Taal

See Taal in a different light in our latest documentary, ‪#‎GlobeOfGood‬: Pusod-Taal. Get to know the work being done to preserve and protect the freshwater lake ecosystem, and the people behind it. ‪#‎WonderfulPH‬

The Pusod TLCC conservation advocates food security with the least impact to the lake ecosystem, provides sustainable livelihood opportunities to the immediate communities, and is a hub of scientific information in Taal Volcano Protected Landscape.

Photos by Carmen del Prado

Corporate Branding: Uniqlo

Uniqlo: GRID | Roam If You Want To


Besides the crisp mountain air, Benguet offers travellers a taste of what makes the Cordillera a cultural and adventure powerhouse. This collaboration between GRID and Uniqlo Philippines follows four friends on a weekend trip up the highlands.

Photography by Francisco Guerrero
Styling by Nayna Katigbak
Art direction by Michael Dee
Produced by Samantha Zarandin

Photos by Francisco Guerrero

Corporate Branding: Tanduay

GRID x Tanduay: Cocktail Culture

Over ice, sweet, bitter, shaken—the perfect cocktail changes depending on where you are, and the best mixologists know that. GRID x Tanduay: Cocktail Culture is a series following Dondz Bolante around the Philippines as he crafts cocktails inspired by different regions.

Photos by Sonny Thakur

Corporate Branding: SM

The SM Store X GRID

GRID tells stories designed to bring out the best in the brands we work with. We create bespoke campaigns that are authentic but also in line with the brands’ corporate identities.

The SM Store X GRID’s SM Summer Destination: La Union video and photo campaign.

GRID Team: Producer Sonny Thakur, Photographer Francisco Guerrero, Photo Assistants: Vons Simbul & Von Simbul, Video by Carmen del Prado.

SM Team: Project Manager Dennis Robert, Sittings & Direction by Meryll Yan, Styling by Guada Reyes & Alexandra Cheng, Hair & Make up by Lio Mangoba Javier.

Models Mélania Le Troyes Solano and Nikolina Begovac. Special Thanks to Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel & El Union Coffee.

Photos by Francisco Guerrero


MAPA Manila & MAPA Makati

The word, MAPA, in the Philippines, not only refers to a visual representation of a place, but is also a colloquial prefix that connotes an unexpected trip or detour.

GRID, 5-Ports and Team Manila believe that you, our visiting travelers, are looking for a different experience of the country from what you’ve read in guidebooks, or on the Internet. What you’re holding in your hands is a proven guide for the discerning, cultural traveler in you. Curated by locals, it’s designed to let you soak up our country’s diverse and unique atmosphere.

Welcome to the Philippines! May your stay in our country be full of fun and unexpected detours.

MAPA is FREE and available at:
•    Airport Exit Areas
•    Hotels around Metro Manila
•    Restaurants and Cafés