Camping With Nayna

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Last February, GRID and a couple of hardy outdoorsmen went up the Cordilleras for the first GRID Expedition. But for a team of mountain runners, photographers, and videographers, the real hero of the 9-day trip was, without a doubt, Chef Nayna—the woman who warmed our bellies and fuelled our days. Camping in the outdoors and huddled around Nayna’s cooking, we came together as a team.

Food proved to be a source of connection during our travels; bringing us closer to each other and everyone we met along the way.

Produced By: Francisco Guerrero
Directed & Shot By: Carmen del Prado & Francisco Guerrero
Edited By: Carmen del Prado
Extra Footage: JP Alipio, Ruel Frias, Thumbie Remigio, Harry Tanoja
Photos used in the video by: Miguel Nacianceno & Nayna Katigbak

Moby Gratis - Homeward Angel (Long)
Holy Coast - San Blas