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BLOC Camp Site


BLOC Campsite pioneers a kind of camp architecture that is comfortable while being mindful of the environment. They’ve pioneered environment-conscious camp architecture for both veteran and reluctant campers, and now they’re offering that opportunity for the wider community of local tourism and housing.


L-R Photos by Bianca Natola

BLOC Campsites offer more than the usual in camping; various creature comforts are available, making them one of the first glamping sites in the country. Their recycled and repurposed materials, plus hybrid solar energy usage, are evidence of their commitment to sustainability and care for the environment. Philipp Inno, CEO and founder of BLOC Campsite, aims to make their glamping sites easy to replicate and assemble so they can increase the number of sites across the Philippines.

With an aim to turn the Philippines into “The Glamping Capital of the World,” Phillipp uses BLOC sites to promote local tourism and provide more forms of livelihood to local residents through building more BLOC sites as a business opportunity for other entrepreneurs.

Aside from just being another cool place to camp, BLOC Campsite technology can also help mitigate problems of homelessness and climate change. By promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle that recognizes the benefits of current Internet technology, BLOC Campsite redefines what it means to have a balanced and meaningful life, in constant communion with Mother Nature.

BLOC Campsite, Cavinti, Laguna.

Check out to build your own BLOC site in the middle of anywhere.

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Amenities include:

  • BLOC Camp Cafe 
  • BBQ Deck
  • Bonfire Pit
  • Shared Toilet and Bath
  • Floating Garden / Dock
  • Water Activities