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Baler has always been known for its moody weather and large swells, but rarely does the spotlight shine upon its homegrown community of surfers.

Long before the influx of resorts and travelers, local residents would gather in a kubo with a great beachfront view to watch out for the next great wave. Over a decade later, that kubo has grown into a full service beach resort with 35 rooms, a full bar and restaurant with a chef at the helm, a music lounge, and an infinity pool overlooking the sea.

Beyond the amenities and service, the charm of Aliya hails back to its roots. With over 30 surf instructors, it is the original homebase for Baler’s local surf crew—the place where they learned to surf by sharing the first few surfboards from Aliya. Besides being one of the first hubs to attract travelers and surf seekers to the sleepy town, the opportunities and livelihood that the resort opens for the local community has reaped more rewards.

Owner Roy Rollin Angara beams with pride: “I grew up surfing with these guys. This was always our dream; that it is possible to make something, and be something, with what you love to do. We made this.”


Aliya’s music lounge is packed with just the right amount of cozy and quality acoustics to get anyone into the groove. Notable acts such as Ely Buendia and Marcus Adoro of The Eraserheads, Basti Artadi, and Franco have performed in this space. Follow Aliya’s Facebook page for updates.


Aliya has been hosting the Philippine Wahini Classic since 2013, where over 40 local and international female surfers battle it out on the waves.


The restaurant menu is constantly evolving with dishes that not only promise to be mouthwatering, but are also made with the freshes it produce and choice cuts, without loading up on bad stuff to make it taste good.


Photographs by Fruhlein Econar


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